Subscription Plans

Thank you for showing interest in Catering Dubai.

Our website receives monthly 3k+ targeted visitors as it’s advertised on social media and it ranks in Google for many keywords such as:

Catering Dubai, catering companies Dubai, best catering Dubai, party catering Dubai, Indian catering Dubai…

If you like to list your catering company on our website we do offer the following subscription plans (Free & Paid):


PLAN 1 (100% Free)

We can list your company on our website 100% free of charge, we only ask you in return to add a link on your website to:

The link can be placed in the content of any page on your website and you can use any of the following keywords as hyperlinks:

  • Dubai
  • Catering

If for example your website text color is black, we don’t mind to make the color of the link also black, this way the reader won’t notice that there is an anchor text.

In fact this “word” is a link to our homepage but you didn’t even notice it.

Once you add the links on your website, we will add you to Catering Dubai within 48 hours.


PLAN 2 (Currently Not Available)

Your company will be listed amongst the first 3 companies on our homepage, also you’ll receive catering inquiries from this form.

In addition to your company, these inquiries will be shared with 2 additional companies.

The conversion rate for inquiries coming from the Compare Prices form is usually very high, you can also benefit from 10 days free trial when you choose this plan.

For Plan 1 you’ll be charged based on the number of inquiries you receive, on average you will receive 100 inquiry/month.



You’ll be listed on our homepage in one of the positions between 4 to 10, as our homepage includes only 10 companies.

Plan 2 doesn’t include receiving catering inquiries from the Compare Prices form as Plan 2.

If someone wants to contact you, he will be redirected to your website.

On average, you’ll get 30 to 40 clicks from our website monthly, the number can be much higher but not much lower. We do have clients receiving approximately 150 monthly clicks.

The fact that someone decided to leave our website and go to yours means that the user is highly interested in your service and there’s a big chance that he will convert into a client.

The monthly charge is $150 (AED 551).

Please note that we are very selective when it comes to companies listed on our homepage, for this reason and even if you are willing to pay and subscribe for this plan we need to review your company first, if you got the approval then we can proceed by the subscription.